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Lucee Spreadsheet is now Spreadsheet CFML

2 November 2021

The Lucee Spreadsheet library was born of my frustration 7 years ago at the difficulty of getting spreadsheet functionality to work in Railo and then Lucee.

ColdFusion support

Not long after its release, I started getting requests to support Adobe ColdFusion (ACF). This seemed a bit odd at first. ACF already had built-in spreadsheet functionality so why would you need a third-party tool?

The main reason is cross-platform compatibility: allowing for a code base (such as Preside CMS) to run on either CFML engine.

As the capabilities of the library have expanded, having access to a wider set of functionality beyond what ACF offers has become another. For example, being able to create large spreadsheets in a memory efficient way using SXSSF, or downloading a query as a spreadsheet with a single line of code.

Despite implementing ACF compatibility quite early on, my sense is that many developers using ColdFusion remain unaware that the library is available to them as an option.

So for the latest version 3 release, I decided to rename the project to clear up any doubt or confusion.

Lucee Spreadsheet is now Spreadsheet CFML.

Forgebox issues

While Github has a painless process for renaming repositories, my initial attempt to do the same on Forgebox (the public code hub for CFML projects) apparently resulted in broken build processes, for which I apologize!

Hence you will now find two Forgebox entries for the library. The original package will remain for those using the 2.x branch but won't be updated. For the latest version you should from now on use:


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