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Fixing a strange Ehcache issue in CF9

2 September 2014

Working on an ORM app on my dev machine earlier I suddenly found myself unable to make any requests to the app - nor indeed to any of my other ORM apps - without getting the following error:

net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: error setting options

The problem appeared to start immediately after I corrected a syntax error in a base ORM Entity which had caused a parsing exception.

Blog posts by Rob Brooks-Bilson and Hemant Khandelwal both suggested this was a bug triggered in Ehcache when there is no active internet connection, but I was fully connected.

Cycling my internet connection didn't help, nor did restarting ColdFusion.

What did work was following Hemant's suggestion to comment out the following two items from [cfroot]/lib/ehcache.xml

                        multicastGroupPort=4446, timeToLive=1"

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